Usual questions

Who can participate in Lost & Found?

All people who have second hand and / or vintage objects can participate in the market. You cannot participate with craft items, items from stock stores or outlets. Nor is the direct participation of trademarks as market vendors allowed.


How do I participate?

You have to sign up for the draw of places once the call is open. Enter your information in the registration form and you will receive by e-mail the participation number in the draw.


How do we know the results of the draw?

The results will be sent by e-mail and the winners will receive an email with the 45€ payment link.


I did not hit the draw but I’m interested in participating, what should I do?

We will contact with the correlative numbers to give them a second opportunity to participate in the market as soon as get free places.

I have vintage products and I am interested in participating in the market.

30% of the participants of the market are selected directly for L&F due to the fact that for his typology represent a value added for the project. In the case that have products of this type, send us one e-mail to info@lostfoundmarket.com with images or links and we will get in contact with you.


Can I choose my location in the market?

No, the location of squares is realised by the team of L&F following the order of registration and the possibilities of it localització.


How the day of the market works?

The participants will receive during the same week of the market the information of expensive to the setting that includes: numeral of place, schedule of download and reminder of operation.

The organization will not facilitate tables or material to expose, so each participant has to bring his own material.


Is there any parking for the vehicles inside the market?

No, once you have downloaded your product to the zone of load and download, will have to look for a place to park your vehicle out of the market.

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